About Us

There are four reasons why Irve has been the biggest laundry and dry cleaning company in Latvia for many years:

  • professional experts;
  • outstanding service;
  • highest quality;
  • competitive prices.

At Irve requirements and convenience of customers come first. Therefore we have developed a wide network of service points not only in Riga, but throughout Latvia. Currently we have more than 35 (!) stationary and four mobile service points. This makes Irve the leading company in industry.

Irve always keeps pulse on technological innovations. We update our equipment on a regular basis offering you more environmentally and people friendly washing solutions, as well as making company’s operations more efficient and reducing service costs.

All machines, materials, washing and treatment agents used by Irve are internationally certified and completely safe.

Irve also participates in global processes and is an active member of the international Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI).

Today Irve is already more than just a good and trustworthy laundry – careful attention to details and meeting customers' needs makes Irve a solver of various day-to-day problems, helping people to make their daily lives easier. For example, Irve not only dry cleans clothes, but also sews, repairs and rents them.

Irve has been making customers happy since year 1995 and we will help you as well!