Order Processing Terms and Conditions 

1. By receiving garments, an order receipt and cash register check are made. Order receipt acceptance is confirmation that the customer understands and agrees to the order reception, execution, returning terms and conditions and that the entries on the receipt have been made correctly.

2. We are washing only straight laundry and men’s shirts and cleaning all garments which can be cleaned in accordance with maintenance manual on the garment using cleaning types and technologies available to Irve. 

3.These garments can be cleaned only without guarantee:

  • leather products, natural and artificial furs;
  • garments without care instructions;
  • defected garments that could deteriorate during cleaning or washing process due to prior damage. 

4. The order execution time is agreed upon at the time of order reception and is stated on the order receipt. Upon the customer’s request, and depending on Irve’s workload, orders can be received for execution in four hours' time. For the execution of an order within four hours, an additional fee of 50% of total sum is charged. If, for whatever reason, execution within four hours is not possible, the 50% extra charge is returned to customer.

5. Garments are issued when customer presents copy of Irve’s order receipt.  If the receipt is lost, the customer must inform Irve’s service personnel by calling +371 67280243 or by arriving at the service point. In this case, the garments are issued to the customer, if he/she presents his/her passport, driver’s licence or another lawful personal identity document. If, by the time the customer’s notification regarding the loss of the receipt is received, the relevant item has already been issued to a third person who has presented the lost order receipt, Irve is not materially responsible to the customer and all losses are responsibility of the customer.

6. Complaints about cleaning and washing quality are accepted within three days after order issuance. Complaints concerning amount and ownership of items are accepted only at the time of order issuance.

7. If order is not executed with required quality, Irve cleans and washes the item once again for free.

8. If item delivered for cleaning or washing is damaged due to fault of Irve, compensation is paid to the customer in amount up to ten times of cleaning or washing price, while the sum received for cleaning and washing is refunded to the customer.

9. Irve is not responsible for following defects which are created during cleaning or washing process:

  • loose knitwear;
  • garment's shrinking or stretching within reasonable limits;
  • holes that appeared during cleaning or washing in places previously affected by caustic substances or moths;
  • damaged garment's accesories resistant to solvent (perchlorethylene); 
  • garment's damages that are created due to non-durable fabric and seem, non-durable colours and impregnation;
  • defects in garments which were received with an entry on recepit stating: "No guarantee" or "Customer is warned about possible poor quality";
  • integral clothing accessories and decoration including various closures (zip sliders, snap button colouring etc.);
  • in cases when customer has tried to clean garment in household conditions.

10. For items that are not collected in five days after order execution time, client pays to Irve 1% charge of total sum of order for every overdue day but no longer than three months,  counting from order execution day. If client does not collect cleaned or washed items in three months' time from order execution day, Irve uses the items not collected by its own liking.